Sonie's Creations is a Canadian Company based out of Downtown Toronto, Ontario.
Our primary concern is to Design Leading Edge Fashions and also to create custom clothing to your satisfaction. We specialize in: Couture, Custom Tailoring and Alterations on Leather & Sheepskin.

In the fashion designing arena, we are constantly creating and producing the latest in casual wear to very unique and exquisite evening or formal wear. We also do various jobs such as: invisible mending, zipper replacing, button holes, relining garments, transforming old styles to new ones etc.

Finally, you will find that Sonie's Creations is a fully committed company with a specific mission in the World Market - to assist and empower you with all the tools necessary to anticipate and meet all your fashionable needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail us:

Sonies Creations E-Mail

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