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I've been using these wonderful little beauties since 1995. I love them because I have had surgery and lost both breasts ... but I do have implants and one is smaller then the other so I even them out by wearing the enhancers.

Rated by Galina Hekmat

These breast enhancers are definitely soft and supple to the breast and are what so many of us on TV wear, and not those less expensive knockoff enhancers that others sell on the internet that also slip around in your underwire bra. These are a great first choice, and expect these enhancers to last!

Rated by Jennie MacMahon

I've had this same type silicone gel breast enhancers in the past but totally lost track of where to get new replacements. So impressed with the product and packaging. As a BC survivor I felt special when I opened the box and found the inside product carefully wrapped in colored tissue with a nice ribbon attached. Thank you so much for caring.

Rated by Alice Peters

Love it and Fits just fine! My breasts are dissimilar sizes and this silicone gel breast enhancer makes me fill out what I wasn't born with. It resides in place within my bra and feels natural. I'd say the large probably adds a full cup size. My total experience is five hundred stars but I guess I will have to give it only 5 as I can't select any higher. I will definitely shop here again.

Rated by Carol Lombard

This was a truly great discovery. I had a messed up mastectomy and one breast is significantly smaller than the other one. This breast enhancer is soft, full and light. Makes getting dressed easier and I feel very confident when I go out. Thanks so much for a great product!

Rated by Billie Ethelbert

These silicone gel breast enhancers are exactly what I needed for styles that necessitate a little something more than an A-cup on the top.

Rated by Mary Burke

I had a bilateral mastectomy with full reconstruction. Received excellent results with the reconstruction but wasn't precisely the same size as before. I was a 36D before the surgery. With these silicone gel breast enhancers I can wear all of my old bras. They stay in place and don't move around. Very comfortable. I even forget I'm wearing them. Thank you for giving me exactly what I needed and hoped for.

Rated by Marlene Detrich

I love my breast enhancers quite a lot. I have always been less buxom looking than I wished, and these are comfortable and just the right addition for me. Very Happy I Got Them.

Rated by Marjorie St. Louis

I had to try small and large. The large are a great fit. I am a breast cancer survivor and I use them one at a time to balance out my bust-line which became distorted from radiation therapy. Now I can fill my bra cups the way I thought they would.

Rated by Sylvia Sigmund
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Sunday 25 February, 2018