Sunwapta cuir collier à poignets restrictions ensemble
De notre très populaire Elegant Moments collection est cette Sunwapta cuir collier à poignets restrictions ensemble. Permettez à votre imagination de courir en liberté! Sont ornées des rivets en métal sur tous les points de tension pour la durabilité, O-anneaux en métal pour votre imagination interminable et brides entièrement réglables avec des fermetures à boucles en métal assurent un ajustement parfait. Inclut une longue sangle arrière en cuir (100% Cuir). From our highly popular Elegant Moments collection is this Sunwapta leather collar to wrist restraints set. Hand crafted with metal O-rings and has metal rivets on all stress points to create an impressive look and for durability. This set is fully detachable and has fully adjustable metal buckle closure to ensure a great fit. Designed with tapered edges to prevent matting plus the solid hardware provides a long-lasting and regal look. Includes a complementing long back leather strap (100% Leather). This leather restraint set may be used in role-playing games but should not be taken to a point where it becomes emotionally or psychologically distressing to one or the other partner. Erotic humiliation is best approached with clear awareness of the effects or approached with advance negotiation and use of a safe-word as it can become extreme enough to be considered a form of edge-play. This restraint gear is designed for casual role-playing only. It pairs magnificently with any number of leather blindfolds or arm binders. This style is perfect for the stage (theater, film, and television), life style events, monthly play parties, fetish events and adult alternative lifestyle gatherings.

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mercredi 13 décembre, 2017
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