A safe and painless alternative to breast implants.

Lycra Dress with curves on. See the difference for yourself.You have probably asked yourself, "what gives some of the beautiful women in top-rated television shows, glamour magazines and movies their bounce?" The answer is an incredible product made of durable silicone to look and feel more natural than pads made from foam or fiberfill. This product has been featured on nearly every major talk show from Oprah, to CBS This Morning. They are worn by actresses in more than 100+ television programs and major motion pictures including; Dancing with the Stars, The Insiders, Days of our lives, Desperate Housewives, Batman & Robin, Melrose Place, General Hospital,  Bay Watch and many more.

Silicone gel breast enhancers are recognized as the Number 1 choice of Hollywood actresses, supermodels and top costume designers worldwide. Why you may ask? Simply because... they are the softest, most natural and highest quality silicone gel breast enhancers available. No other breast enhancer can compare to this truly Remarkable Enhancer because they're simply the best. More than 300,000 women in more than 60 countries like you can't be wrong. 

 These silicone gel breast enhancers were created for you to wear every day, for special occasions, or just when you feel like you need a little extra fullness in the breast area or a little added confidence. They are designed for you to look beautiful, stylish and feel great wearing them.


This Remarkable silicone Enhancer is made very soft to touch, real looking and natural-feeling that only you will know that they're there. No one else will suspect that you have anything else in your bra but you!

Many women like you are seeking a safe, inexpensive, painless and flexible alternative to breast implants. This is why many years, effort and research was invested in the development of this great product. In order to make the most of what you've got by adding exciting volume to your breast area. This Enhancer will increase your overall cup size or it may maximize your cleavage whichever you desire.

When Curves was first introduced to some of Hollywood's top costume designers and wardrobe stylists, they were at first quite skeptical. But after seeing Curves' performance on the screen, they were so impressed with the product that they told their friends, colleagues, and clients. Curves have become a "must have" item in nearly every top stylists' "bag of tricks" and a permanent accessory in many actresses' wardrobes. Curves' clients include prestigious studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Columbia / Sony Pictures, HBO and TV shows on all major networks. No other breast enhancer can honestly make that claim.

If Curves perform so well under the scrutiny of close-ups, slow-motion movies and on TV, imagine the effect they'll have on your figure.

"My Enhancers were definitely worth the price I had paid for them and more! The product is great and the quality fabulous. I can wear them all day in wonderful comfort while wearing just about everything in my closet; even my bikini bathing suits. I consider my Enhancers to be my most important fashion secret because it offers me a more curvy, sensual look that only implant surgery could have otherwise provided."
- Wendi, Ontario

Front and Back Views of Actual Breast Enhancer Product.Silicone gel breast enhancers provide an instant Breast Boost without the need of implants. Each set includes a right and left side. This is indicated on the inner tray in the box with "R" for Right and an "L" for Left. The thickest section is the bottom edge of the Enhancer and follows the contour of your underwire bra. The short flat edge fits nearest your arm.

No two women are shaped exactly alike, so it is best to experiment to find your optimum fit and comfort. Here are two suggestions:

1. To improve your shape and give you overall fullness, place Enhancers directly over your breasts with the nipple positioned over your own nipple and the curved edge following the contour of the bottom edge of your bra cup. The short flat edge should be nearest your arm.

2. For enhanced cleavage, move Enhancers lower and angle diagonally, following the outer curve of your bra cup. Lift your breast to rest on the inner edge of the Enhancers. This enables you to obtain natural looking cleavage while compensating for the outside part of the breast that is moved up and together.

Silicone gel breast enhancers are available in:
  • Two colors: Peach (for lighter complexions) and Clear (for women of color).
  • Four sizes: Demi (Petite), Small, Large and Extra-Large.
    • Demi (Petite) size provides light to moderate padding that increases you by about ¼ to ½ cup size (no nipples);
    • Small increases you by about ½ to 1 bra cup size (with nipples);
    • Large increases you by about 1½ to 2 bra cup sizes (with nipples);
    • Extra-Large increases you by about 2 to 2½ bra cup sizes (with nipples).

    The Demi (Petite) size, is for smaller physique women and has a smaller width and diameter. The Demi (Petite) size are ¾, the size as compared to the Small size Enhancer. Demi (Petite) Enhancers, have No nipples and are perfect for demi or push-up-style bras. All women's breast sizes and shapes are different, so your results may vary. With the Breast Enhancer, you may experience either subtle or dramatic change in your breast area. We encourage you to experiment with them in different positions in your bra to achieve the optimal fullness and cleavage you desire.

Actual Picture of Product Colours and Packaging. SELECTING THE APPROPRIATE BRA STYLES:

Enhancers will increase your bra cup size and cleavage. If your existing bra has some stretch and you want the look of fuller cleavage, you may not need to purchase a new size bra. Otherwise, you may need to purchase a bra with larger cup size. When shopping for a new bra, take your Enhancers with you to find the optimum bra fit. We recommend a underwire-style for maximum support and cleavage. If you are prone to perspire or live in a hot/humid climate you may want to wear the Enhancers in a pocket-style bra, simply slide them into the pocket of the bra or swimsuit.

Have a question about Curves then simply click here.
Have a question about these marvelously crafted Breast Enhancers?
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Have a question about Curves then simply click here.

Try the Enhancers for Yourself or tell a Friend or Loved One about them!

With the purchase of Three Enhancers placed via Credit Card, you will receive the CurvesTM TravelerTM case ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Canadian Residents add sales tax + $19.95 S&H.      U. S Residents add $33.95 S&H / Alaskan and Hawaiian Residents add $48.00 S&H in C.D. Funds
International Air Express Shipping $74.99 Canadian Funds.   ** P.O. Boxes/APO's, Special Charge of $49.95 Canadian Funds for Insured Mail Delivery.


We ship this item to clients worldwide.

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I've been using these wonderful little beauties since 1995. I love them because I have had surgery and lost both ...

Rated by Galina Hekmat

These breast enhancers are definitely soft and supple to the breast and are what so many of us on TV ...

Rated by Jennie MacMahon

I've had this same type silicone gel breast enhancers in the past but totally lost track of where to get ...

Rated by Alice Peters

Love it and Fits just fine! My breasts are dissimilar sizes and this silicone gel breast enhancer makes me fill ...

Rated by Carol Lombard

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