Sonie's Creations® Privacy Policy

Sonie's Creations® Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy
From the day Sonie's Creations® was founded in 1987, we have been committed to keep confidential all information about you, our clients, and your relationship with us. In any business, privacy of personal information is desirable; at Sonie's Creations®, it is essential.

Our ongoing commitment to protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of our clients, is addressed here in our Privacy Policy. We want you to know, in plain terms, why we ask for your personal information, how we keep your personal information confidential, and how you can inquire about the personal information we hold about you.

This Policy applies to Sonie's Creations®, and to the various divisions within our company.

Our Employees Responsibilities
Each and every one of our employees is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information to which they have access. As a condition of employment, our employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement binding them to this responsibility which remains with them even if they leave or retire from Sonie's Creations®. We keep our employees informed about our policies and procedures for protecting personal information and reinforce the importance of complying with them. All employees are also required, as a condition of employment, to conform to these policies and procedures.

Your personal information is not shared, to the extent permitted by law.

Personal Information 
We request personal information when you place an order, register a product, request a service, answer a survey, enter a contest, correspond with us or engage in certain other activities on our website. 
For example: 
1. If you submit an order on-line with us, we will ask you for information necessary to complete the transaction - such as your name, address, and credit card number etc. 
2. If you request technical support online, we will ask you for information necessary to complete the transaction — such as your name address and information about your computer hardware, software and the nature of the problem you are experiencing.

You make the decision whether to proceed with any activity that requests personal information. If you do not wish to provide the requested information, however, you may not be able to complete the transaction.

How We Use The Information We Gather And Track 
We use personally identifiable information in the following ways: 
1. To provide you with information about new products, services, informative emails, and research on future product ideas or improvements; 
2. To assist us in creating content that is relevant to you; 
3. To provide you with special offers that may be of interest to you; 
4. To assist us in creating better products and services to meet your needs; 
5. To allow you to purchase and download products, obtain access to services or otherwise engage in activities you select; 
6. To help you quickly find software, services or product information important to you. 

We make a sincere effort to respond to your requests to update or correct your personal information. If you believe that Sonie's Creations® does not have your current personal information, you can update such by the using the various communication channels at the bottom of this statement. 

Web Site Traffic 
We may track domain names, IP addresses, and browser types from people who visit our site. We use this information to track aggregate traffic patterns throughout Sonie's Creations®' Web site (s). Such information is not correlated with any personal information.

Privacy Consideration 
Please remember that information you submit in our "Guest Book" etc., will be deemed public information and is not confidential. There is a risk in such communication venues that information can be collected and used by others. Please be careful and responsible when you are online.

In Summary 
We take our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your personal information very seriously. 

If you feel that your question or concern has not been satisfactorily addressed, we want to hear from you. Please write to:

Privacy Admin. 
Sonie's Creations® 
1006 Bathurst Street 
Toronto, Ontario M5R 3G7 
Tel: 416.538.4704  or  E-mail:

If the above steps fail to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Copyright © 2018 Sonie's Creations®. All Rights Reserved.

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