What are Breast Enhancers, and what are they made of? 

Breast Enhancers are not "cookie pads," but full enhancers that fit over your breasts. They are made of a specially formulated silicone gel with a sheer polyurethane exterior. Breast Enhancers have been laboratory tested and shown to be none irritating to the skin and the inside of the product is not a liquid but a gel.

Are Breast Enhancers safe?

Yes. Breast Enhancers have been designed to be worn externally (outside the body), in your bra or swimsuit. There are no known health risks — unlike possible problems with breast implants and surgery.

Who uses Breast Enhancers?

Breast Enhancers are worn by a wide range of women: young, old and women of any age who want "a little more up there," housewives, professionals, and fashion models (including several of the world’s top Super models), top Hollywood stylists and costume designers, flight attendants, brides and bridesmaids, secretaries, nurses, smaller breasted women, mothers whose breast size or shape may have changed after having children, women who have had their breast implants removed or are considering having breast implant surgery, women who have experienced a decrease in breast size after weight loss or from aging, beauty pageant contestants and many others.

In what sizes and colors are they available?

Breast Enhancers are available in 4 sizes: Demi (Petite), Small, Large (our medium size) and Extra-Large. Small size Breast Enhancers increases you by about ½ to 1 cup size; Large size Breast Enhancers can increase you by about 1½ to 2 bra cup sizes; Extra-Large can increase you by 2 full cup sizes or more. The Demi (Petite) size is for smaller framed women and has a smaller width and diameter. The Demi (Petite) size is most similar in size and volume to the Small size. Demi (Petite) Breast Enhancers have No Nipple and are perfect for demi or push-up style bras. All women’s breast sizes and shapes are different, so your results may vary. Breast Enhancers are available in 2 colors: Peach (for lighter complexions) and Clear (for women of color).

How long will they last? What about quality?

Breast Enhancers come with a one year limited warranty, but they will probably last much longer with proper care. Many customers have been wearing their Breast Enhancers every day with no problems for more than 5 years since they were first introduced. With proper care, Breast Enhancers can last for years. In fact, Breast Enhancers may last longer than the dresses, blouses and swimsuits that you’re wearing them with! Breast Enhancers are made of the finest quality materials and have been designed to last. Breast Enhancers are soft but durable. Just wash them gently with soap and water, pat dry with a soft cloth after each wearing, and store them in their original packaging (or optional Curves TravelerTM travel case) when you’re not wearing them. Each set is hand-inspected for quality before it leaves the factory. 

How do they stay in place?

You don’t need tape, adhesives or special bras with Breast Enhancers. If your bra fits right, Breast Enhancers should stay in place for hours and even when you’re physically active.

What happens if I perspire a lot or it’s hot?

Every woman perspires differently. If you perspire a lot or live in a hot climate, you may want to select a pocket style bra or swimsuit or place a cotton cloth/pad between your breasts and the Breast Enhancers.

I’ve seen some other silicone breast enhancers? How do yours compare?

They are the softest, most natural, best fitting silicone breast enhancer we have ever seen and felt. Other enhancers may be cheaply made, are of poor quality, don’t fit right, are uncomfortable and may not look natural under clothing. We offer a 10-day warranty and money-back as a guarantee, as we know that the Breast Enhancer will last. Breast Enhancers have the thinnest outer film of any enhancer available. That is why we can say that they feel so close to the "Real Thing." Breast Enhancers accomplish four things that women really want: increase in size, shape, fullness and added cleavage.

Are the Right and Left sides different?

Yes. In order to achieve the best over-all fit on any woman, wearing any type bra, the Breast Enhancers were designed with a right and left side (the following diagram indicates which side is which).

 Front and Back Views of Actual Breast Enhancer Product.

Can you see Breast Enhancers through a blouse?

By inserting and adjusting Breast Enhancer properly between your breasts and most bras, you should see no lines or demarcations. No one will know it isn’t all "you" under your blouse.

Can I swim while wearing my Breast Enhancers?

Yes. Breast Enhancers can be worn in chlorinated pool water and salt water. If your suit fits right, they should stay in place when swimming and moving around. An under-wire bathing suit is recommended. Breast Enhancers are superior to padded swimsuits because they’re waterproof; padded suits soak up water, causing dripping and sagging.

How will my appearance change? Won’t my friends think I’ve had surgery?

Breast Enhancers enable you to wear more closer fitting clothing. Since you feel more confident, you stand straighter and look more self-assured. With your breasts in proper proportion to your body, you look trimmer and more fit. You may want to wear your Breast Enhancers with a special occasion dress or outfit that needs more fullness in the breast area to balance your figure and to make you feel or look great! 

How do Breast Enhancers compare to padded bras and foam rubber "falsies"?

Padded bras, foam rubber "falsies" and other enhancers simply don’t compare to Breast Enhancer natural, skin-like look and feel. The gel in Breast Enhancer has been specially formulated to feel, and even bounce, just like real breast tissue. They warm to your body temperature, as you would wish it should.

What clothing can I wear with a Breast Enhancer? When can I wear them? 

They can be worn with almost any type of clothing such as casual, formal evening gowns, business, two piece and one piece bathing suits. You may want to wear the Breast Enhancer every day. An under-wire bra is suggested. The reason we suggest wearing an under-wire bra with the Breast Enhancers is because it typically gives the individual a little more support for the extra "weight". Customers how have been so used to having very little as far as breast size is concerned may need more support for the Breast Enhancers, depending on their body frame. The tighter the bra cup before the Breast Enhancers are put in, the more fullness you will succeed in having. We recommend you taking the Breast Enhancers to a dressing room and trying them on with several styles of bras before purchasing the right choice bra for yourself. A few women have purchased several sizes of the Breast Enhancers in order to achieve various ranges for their clothing choices. 

Breast Enhancers are a fashion accessory intended for women who want to look good in their clothes. They may be worn in a bustier or other sexy lingerie.


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