Sonie’s Creations is a Toronto based independent organization with the industry knowledge, technical skills, objective advice, and wide range of services to make technology work for our customers.

As a Microsoft ® Solution Provider we receive direct support from Microsoft ®, their products, documentation, and tools to support our customers. This enables us to provide demos of any new and existing products. We are qualified and experienced in installation, support, on-site training and customization to your specific requirements. We will provide you the customer with answers and savings in today's ever-changing technical market.

Sonie’s Creations works closely with you to create advanced business solutions that achieve the full potential of current and emerging technologies - as well as integrating these technologies with existing systems. We use the Microsoft Solutions Platform of products as the "building blocks" of these solutions. Plus, Sonie’s Creations enhances your technology investment by offering many types of value-added services, such as integration, consulting, customizing software or developing turn-key applications, and providing technical training and support. Sonie’s Creations provides answers, not false promises.

The following fee-based services are provided by Sonie's Creations:

Networking Solutions

Sonie’s Creations provides enterprise networking for as few as 2 to 50+ computers using Windows Server 2012 and 2016 technology. We also install, train, and support Microsoft BackOffice/Essentials software products to enable enterprise communication, database management, and Intranet/Internet solutions.

Migration Services

Copies or moves your software to a Microsoft product or platform.

Maintenance, Technical Support, Helpdesk

Provides help and trouble-shooting for your hardware and software problems.

Installation, Deployment, and Integration

Designs, installs, configures, supports or maintains networking, file and print, systems management or messaging.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Provide physical connection to the Internet, Web site creation and web site hosting services.

As well as, Custom PC’s, Workstations, and Servers

Sonie's Creations offers the unique combination of advanced features and industry-standard components on all PC’s, Workstations, and Servers -- which means your system is incredibly easy to manage and maintain. Our products are tested against rigorous industry standards. By choosing Sonie’s Creations you gain a greater return on your technology investment and a powerful advantage in today's competitive environment.

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